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Shaun Bettman

#1 Mortgage Broker

Eden Emerald Mortgages is the #1 mortgage broker in Sydney, as rated by Canberra Times.

Our team specialises in home loans in Glebe and neighbouring suburbs and our expertise is second to none. 

  • Lowest rates guaranteed
  • Completely free service
  • Established in 2007

Shaun Bettman

#1 Mortgage Broker

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  • We partner with over 40+ lenders to find you the best rates on your home loan
  • Receive free friendly and personalised support from our experienced team, with no obligation
  • We have been in business for over 17 years and we know Glebe mortgages better than anyone else
  • 100% free service with no hidden fees
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We Help You With All Your Mortgage Needs in Glebe and Surrounding Suburbs

At Eden Emerald Mortgages, we deliver a superior lending experience by combining deep industry knowledge, effective communication, and genuine care, aiming to help the local community by facilitating homeownership.

With over 40 years of collective expertise, our team offers competitive rates and a broad array of mortgage loan products through a strategic network of over 40+ lending partners for residential borrowers.

What We Offer

Home Loans

We guide you through every step of securing a home loan, from working out how to maximise your borrowing capacity, to finding the lender with the lowest rates and right features for your needs. Our local brokers have over 40 years of combined experience, so they are well-equipped to assist you, whether it is your first home, or an additional investment property.

Mortgage Refinance

As lenders continually alter their rates, your existing loan could be costing you too much interest. We work with over 40+ lenders so we have access to the best loans including those with cashback incentives. We find the best rates on the market to ensure you are paying off your loan as efficiently as possible. 

Educational Resources

We help you with any questions you have, and provide you with useful resources to navigate the loan process. Whether you are ready to secure a home loan today, or just want to learn more before proceeding, you can book a free call with our friendly team, with no obligation to use our services.

Why Choose

EE Mortgages?

Eden Emerald Mortgages is the #1 mortgage broker in Sydney, as rated by the Canberra Times. Our team specialises in home loans in Glebe and neighbouring suburbs and we have particular expertise with structuring hard to close loans. We have been in business since 2007 and secured thousands of loans for our customers. We offer our personalised and friendly services and advice at no cost at all, with no obligation to continue with us. 

Information about


Glebe, nestled in Sydney's Inner West, is a vibrant and eclectic suburb that appeals to both homeowners and real estate investors. Its hi

storic charm, bustling markets, and proximity to the CBD make it an attractive destination for those seeking a cosmopolitan lifestyle with a touch of bohemian flair. Residents enjoy a diverse array of cafes, restaurants, and cultural venues, creating a dynamic community atmosphere. With its mix of heritage terrace houses, modern apartments, and waterfront properties, Glebe offers housing options to suit various tastes and preferences. For investors, the suburb presents promising opportunities with its steady property appreciation and strong rental demand, driven by its central location and vibrant atmosphere. In essence, Glebe epitomizes Inner West living, offering a blend of culture, convenience, and investment potential in one captivating suburb.

Median House Price: $2.810m

Median house price - 2 Bed: $1.910m

Median house price - 3 Bed: $2.730m

Median house price - 4 Bed: $3.300m

Median House Rental: $1,000

Median house rental - 2 Bed: $875

Median house rental - 3 Bed: $1,150

Median house rental - 4 Bed: $1,400

Median Unit Price: $1.044m

Median unit price - 1 Bed: $670k

Median unit price - 2 Bed: $1.300m

Median unit price - 3 Bed: N/A

Median Unit Rental: $675

Median unit rental - 1 Bed: $577

Median unit rental - 2 Bed: $822

Median unit rental - 3 Bed: $1,200

What Our Customers Say

Since Eden Emerald Mortgages began operations in 2007 we have helped thousands of Australians secure a mortgage. See what some of our satisfied customers say about us below.