Interest-Only Mortgage Calculator

For many Australians, managing the initial financial burden of purchasing a property is a significant challenge, particularly with hefty stamp duty and other government fees. An interest-only mortgage, where you pay just the interest on the loan for a set period at the start, can make these early years more manageable by significantly lowering your monthly repayments.

Our Interest-Only Mortgage Calculator is an essential tool for anyone considering this type of financing arrangement. By inputting the loan amount, interest rate, and the term of the interest-only period, the calculator provides a clear breakdown of your monthly obligations during the interest-only phase and afterwards. This information is crucial for understanding how these loans work and assessing whether the lower initial payments outweigh the larger future costs, helping you make a more informed decision tailored to your financial situation.

If you want more tailored advice specific to your financial situation, speak to a top mortgage broker who can guide you to making the best decision.

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